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We make it easy to get court approved adult name changes and adult adoptions.

With the right forms and guidance, changing your name or adopting an adult in Texas is easy.

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Adult Adoption

Adult Name Change

About Us

Alexandra Geczi PLLC is a family law firm that helps families plan brighter futures. We are a Texas based law firm practicing law in Texas. Our adult adoption and adult name change practice grew out of a desire to help our clients formalize restructured relationships in an easy, cost-effective way.

Our packages are convenient, quick and affordable. Our forms are DIY, but you get the same forms, scripts and instructions our law firm uses for clients who retain the firm directly. For those who prefer to retain us directly because a DIY package is not a good fit, visit www.FamilyLawDFW.com to learn more about working with us. 


“This is the lawyer you need. She did the paperwork for us on an adult adoption for [a fraction of the cost] when the lawyers in Waco wanted $2,000 for the same task! Further, all her work was letter perfect and accepted without correction or objection by the courts. Honest, helpful, fair. Great attorney.”

– Michael R.

Alexandra Geczi PLLC, Dallas, Texas. Visit www.FamilyLawDFW.com to learn more and to contact us.

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